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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Online learning trends came up due to the covid-19 pandemic, and students were told to take online classes from any part of the world through the internet service. All institutes, colleges, and universities were closed, and they were told to move from traditional to online learning.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

What is Online Learning? And Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Online learning, or e-learning, is a form of education or training delivered via the internet or a computer network. Online learning allows individuals to access educational resources and participate in educational activities from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Online learning can take many forms, including video lectures, online discussions, interactive exercises, quizzes, and assignments. It can be self-paced or guided by an instructor and may be delivered through various platforms such as learning management systems, web conferencing tools, or mobile apps. Online learning is increasingly popular due to its flexibility, convenience, and accessibility, as well as its potential to reach a wider audience than traditional in-person learning.

Advantages of Online Classes

There are various advantages of online classes. However, we will discuss some of the main advantages of online classes below:

Less cost-effective

If you are taking online classes to complete your course, cost-effective are many benefits, but the main benefit you will observe is that it is less expensive. It reduces transportation costs if compared to the old-fashioned traditional way. Students do not have to boost school uniforms and can save money for their future. Every process is done online. Even paying fees is done online, and every to go all the way to the school or university to pay the fees because there are still universities and colleges which don’t accept credit cards but only accept cash.


In online classes, you can save a lot of your time. You had to wake up early or arrive late during traditional classes. All the time wasted in your journey to your institute is reduced. You can do some other work in that period. Students can get a degree while sitting at home and taking online classes.


You can become tech-savvy through digital learning because, in today’s world, technology plays a very important role; even nowadays, more jobs are all technology related, making you comfortable and tech-savvy.

Easy Attendance

Students can give attendance comfortably, sitting at home and attending all the classes without missing any online classes. This makes it easy for the student; suppose they are not feeling well, in this condition, they can give their attendance. If they were still implementing the same old-fashioned traditional way of taking classes, in this condition, when they are not feeling well will result in missing their attendance. This is why online classes are better than the traditional way.


As we know that digital learning is self-paced learning, and students can complete work according to their timetable. Even the lectures taken in online classes are recorded so that students can revise whenever they want to obtain good marks in their exams.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

There are various disadvantages of online classes. However, we have discussed some of the main disadvantages of online classes below:

Lose Concentration

Students can lose their focus on their studies while taking online classes, and there are many conditions for which they might move out of their tracks. Students use portable devices such as laptops, phones, and computers. They can easily watch movies and videos on social media, scroll on social platforms, play online games, and use YouTube for entertainment. All these things will drive you from your studies.

Health Issues

In this case, most parents are worried for their children’s health because it can be hectic for them to sit in one place and take the class online, which can affect their eyesight, not only that back pain or incorrect position may arise.


It is expensive for only those students whose parents are jobless, and they need help to afford the smartphones, laptops, and many other devices used for online classes. Online education doesn’t play a good role because many families are economically weaker. Some people have low-budget incomes and face difficulty buying a good internet connection.

Lack of Socializing Skills

Students need help socializing, and they are just sitting at home and taking online classes. When they go for an interview after completing their online studies, they need clarification due to a lack of social socializing.


Many students feel that they are isolated and feel depressed; this is due to less human contact and socializing with peers. They are not able to meet their school friends and classmates.


In conclusion, online learning has become a significant trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While online classes have many advantages, such as cost-effectiveness, time-saving, tech-savvy skills, easy attendance, and self-paced learning, there are also several disadvantages. These include the potential for students to lose concentration, health issues such as eye strain and back pain, the expense of required devices and an internet connection, lack of socializing skills, and feelings of isolation that leads them to look for any “take my online class for me” services. It is important to consider both the pros and cons of online learning before pursuing it as an educational option.