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Best Ways to Let Your Fingers Do the Talking Through the E-tray Exercise

The E-tray exercise is a type of online assessment designed for evaluating your ability to manage situations from everyday life. When starting a new work (or returning from an extended vacation), you must learn the ropes quickly. 

The e-tray is an 80-minute timed test. You'll have a chance to catch up on some reading before you have to start fielding "emails" from the team. Multiple choices for responding to each "email" will be presented to you. 

Select the options that best reflect your most and least probable reactions in that setting. No mock e-tray is available, but you can test a sample situation to see how it operates. 
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 Examine the Position and Business 

Despite their obvious importance, organizational culture, work ethics, organizational framework, and highly detailed job duties should be studied more. A higher quality E-tray performance can be expected from you if you have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company. 

For example, suppose you are applying for a job in finance. In that case, you can expect the interview and assessment tasks to be tailored to the typical duties of someone in that field rather than general business questions. Practicing will feel simpler the more you understand your position and its requirements.

Establish Priorities 

Determining which activities are most pressing and need your complete focus right now and which can wait is an essential part of the exercise. Time management is crucial, as is being conscious of the duration of the exercise, the time allotted for each job, and the urgency with which they must be completed. 

You should prioritize the things that are most essential to you and get those done before you think about the things that are less significant or even inconsequential but still deserve your time and effort. Remember that you can free up your time by assigning minor or low-priority duties to a less experienced employee.

Maintain Composure Under Pressure 

Due to the pressures of time constraints and being watched, E-tray activities can be nerve-wracking and worrisome. Exercise can seem taxing if you suffer from performance anxiety or worry, and it can seem even more taxing if the complexity of the exercise rises over time. Stress can be avoided, and the exercise's demands can be met by analyzing the context carefully, exhaling deeply, and considering optimistically.

Do as you're Told 

If you take the time to study the question or directions carefully, you can avoid answering a question wrong and guarantee a thorough understanding of what is being asked. One of the most frequent (and readily preventable) reasons for getting queries wrong is that the respondent misread the question or the directions. 

To avoid making any obvious errors and to feel more confident going into the job at hand, it is essential to carefully look through all of the material and queries that will be given.


The E-tray test is a computerized simulation of real-world workplace problems that measures your adaptability and problem-solving skills. To do well on the exam, you need to know everything there is to know about the role and the business, as well as have the ability to set priorities and stick to them, remain calm under duress, and follow instructions precisely. 

If you take the time to read over the instructions and practice problems, you'll be better prepared to complete the task successfully. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you should easily ace the E-tray exam.